Soft Rolls

This morning, I was learning Soft Rolls in Baking Class. I had made bread using bread machine before. I was not enjoy making bread at the time. But, after this class I might try to start making bread again. It is fun after learning the skills.

Dough Divider
Old Style Dough Divider…Very interesting! – created by On Yi
Fresh Yeast
This is my first time to see fresh yeast. – created by On Yi

How to “wake up” the dried yeast?

  1. Warm water – around 27 °C. Not too cold or too hot. If it is too cold, the yeast will not “wake up.” If it is too hot, you are killing the yeast. (The water that you are using should not greater than the amount called for in your recipe.).
  2. Mix in some sugar
  3. Sprinkle the dried yeast into the warm water.
  4. The yeast will slowly sink. Stir the yeast gently.
  5. Wait around 10 minutes. If the yeast is “wake up”, it will have bubbly froth at the top.

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