Meringue Kiss Cookies

Today’s class was so depressing. We were making Meringue, but half of the class includes myself failed on it.

Meringue is a simple dessert that made with egg whites and sugar. Whipping the egg whites and folds in the sugar until firm and glossy. Pipe it and bake it. It seems very easy, but we spent almost 2 hours to try to make the egg whites firm.

What’s go wrong? We are not sure. But, we guess there were few things went wrong. First, we were using liquid egg whites instead of fresh eggs. It might be difficult to whip to foam. Second, our mixer’s speed was not fast enough. It couldn’t wipe the egg whites to the firm texture that we were looking for.

I m very disappointed. I was really looking forward to have a nice beautiful meringue. So, do you know how to make meringue? Anything do I need to pay attention to? Do you have any good meringue’s recipe? Please tell me by leaving a comment. Hope I can do it right next time.



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